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Can Tho Watery Area

Visitors to Can Tho will never forget the bustling life of the people living in the poetic and populous water area of the Cuu Long River Delta. This area has the attractive tourist site of Phu Sa and many delicious dishes.

The scenery that impresses visitors when they arrive in Can Tho is the immense green area of the cork-tree forests. They can also see many small motor boats going along the river. Lotus lakes and small jars are also familiar images. Many people, who have returned to this area after a long time away, were so moved that their eyes filled with tears when they saw the boats and jars because these objects reminded them of their childhood.

The roads are lined with verdant palm trees. Children like to pose under the shade of the palm leaves while their parents like to pull down the branches to feel the leaves’ roughness.

Along the sides of the canals visitors will see green fruit gardens and small thatched houses in which many items made of coconut leaves are displayed. Near the cork-tree forest they will see monkeys, squirrels, swamp-hens, water rails, storks and other birds, that create a boisterous atmosphere.

Can Tho has forests of cork-trees and innumerable trees laden with fruit. Taking a cruise on the Hau River visitors will have a chance to enjoy Ninh Kieu Wharf, Can Tho Bridge, passenger ferries and the typical floating markets of the Cuu Long River rea.

Can Tho has Phu Sa, a tourist site which is known for many delicious dishes, such as cork-tree hot pot, chicken salad with sweet potato’s leaves, sesbania sesban salad and water hyacinth salad. Other specialties include rice pancakes, rice cakes made of rice flour and lime water and cylindrical glutinous rice cakes. Visitors to the tourist site will see with their own eyes the ways to make these dishes and learn about the use of over 20 varieties of vegetables served with the rice pancakes from a short introduction pamphlet on the dining table.

Phu Sa has a special hot pot called Phu Sa, a typical dish of Can Tho. This dish has different tastes depending on the ingredients. For instance, it can be mildly sour when cooked with thicken rice vinegar, slightly sour with tamarind fruit, or have a strong sour flavour with carambola, the acrid, sour fruit of the cork-tree. Those who love this dish will never forget its taste.

Phu Sa is a place for people to learn more about Can Tho, the Hau River and all things typical of the Cuu Long River Delta.

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